Can we come by and view the property and Barn, Inn, Saloon or Stables?

We would love to talk with you, show you the plans and answer any questions you may have.  Please call 317.760.8778 and make an appointment to meet at your convenience. 

Is the Barn Handicap Accessible? 


Can we reserve the barn a few hours past midnight?

Yes.  Discuss your event specifics with us and your event hours will be included in your contract.  The caterers and any other cleanup (your gift table, personal items, etc.) will need to be completely removed by the ending time of your event. Items may not be left overnight.

How do I check if my date is available?

Peek at our "Availability Calendar" here if you are looking for a Friday or Saturday date. If you are interested in a weekday please contact us and we will check. 

Can we bring our own caterer?

We have a "Preferred Partner" that we know provides high quality products, services and is reliable. Our preferred caterer knows to include linens, dinnerware, serving tables, staff as well as preparation and cleanup into their quote.  You can rest assured they are licensed professionals who serve high quality food, on time and at the right temperature. We want your event to be a success and we stand behind our preferred partner. Outside caterers or your family and friends pitch in are not permitted. 

Can we bring our own beverages?

No. All alcohol sold needs to be purchased through a catering license. We are licensed and can make sure all laws are met. We have a variety of bar packages and even have drink tickets available. We also have a licensed staff to work in the Saloon. We do not allow outside beverages or your own servers. It is against Indiana law. Any violators will be asked to leave and you will lose your security deposit. (This includes the parking lot.)

Can we display our photo or video on the TV's?

Showcase your video/photos on our 8 TV screens in the Saloon. They must be formatted as an MP4 on a flash drive for each tv.  Do not put music to the video as the TV’s are each individually playing the show and music would not sync to all 8 devices.  There are many programs to create or convert an MP4. (Powerpoint, Keynotes, Animoto, Windows DVD Maker, HandBrake Converter 1.0.7 and more.) We highly encourage you to bring your video by prior and test it out before the evening of your event. 

Can we have candles in the barn?

Sure, we love candle lighting and you are welcome to bring candles. For safety please ensure you have a container for each. (Jars, hurricane, etc.) Please arrange for someone to light the candles (and relight if doors are open). Our staff does not light and manage your candles. 

Can we bring sparklers?

Yes, sparklers are a great way to exit the event. We don't allow fireworks, but sparklers are ok. We've even seen extra long sparklers that last 4 minutes. (Your photographer will thank you for having the extra long kind.)

What does an indoor ceremony include? 

When reserving the barn for the day you will get tables with seating up to 300 included. Call if you need additional seating.  Our Event Specialist will work with you and your preferred arrangement of the tables. Typically our indoor barn weddings have the tables arranged with a center aisle that guests sit at their assigned table. We will include two rows (32)  chairs near the area of your nuptials for those you choose to be nearer. If you would like all rows of seating for your ceremony we suggest you reserve an outdoor ceremony  and then move inside for your barn reception. Contact us to discuss your vision and we will assist as best we can.  View other items included on our Pricing page here.

Can we schedule our wedding rehearsal dinner there?

Couples get use of the barn for a one hour rehearsal the week of your wedding. If you would like to add a rehearsal dinner, in our Saloon, we would be happy to talk with you about coordinating.  Remember to bring your event coordinator or wedding planner, as our team does not guide you during the rehearsal.

What to expect during your rehearsal.

Your wedding rehearsal includes 1 hour usage the week of your event. Coordinate this date with our staff.  If your wedding is outdoors your rehearsal will be outdoors. Please keep in mind the barn and/or saloon may be in use for another event during your outdoor rehearsal.  If your wedding is in the barn our staff may be in the room setting up for another event and the Saloon may be in use for another event.  Please bring your wedding coordinator as our staff will not guide you during the rehearsal.  If you would like to reserve the full barn or saloon for a rehearsal dinner please contact us to discuss rates. 

Can we borrow banquet tables for our caterer, photo booth, DJ, etc.?

The barn only has 60" round tables and our 8 farm tables. You are more than welcome to use any of these tables for your guest seating, however we do not have traditional banquet tables.  Your vendors will need to bring their own equipment, extension cords and any other items needed as well as linens.  (Please tell them no duct tape, or tape of any kind, is permitted on our floors.) Please discuss your decor and vision with your DJ as we've had several who are not prepared and while the music is great, visually more planning was needed. You may want to rent an extra table and a linen just in case.

What's the cancellation or refund policy?

Your deposit is nonrefundable.  Once paid in full there is no refund of the deposit or the full rental fee. Call us for additional questions (317) 760-8778.

Can we have only our ceremony on the property and not the reception?

We have one price for renting the barn.  This price does include an indoor ceremony and time for the reception. We do not discount the price if you are hosting your reception (or ceremony) elsewhere. 

Dimensions to share with your florists, caterer or baker... 

Our rustic styled cake cart measures 33" x 57". See it here.  
The outdoor pergola area is 16 feet wide by 11 feet deep and 10 feet high.
The mantel is 8' and 5.5 " long by 9" deep.
Our tables are 60" round.
Our saloon tables are 36" round (We have 16 short and 8 bar height)
The Farm tables are approximately 40" deep by 8 feet long. 

May we send items to the venue before the event and arrange for pick up a few days after the event? 

Unfortunately we do not have extra storage space for your items. This includes dishes, linens, rental furnishings and more.  Events are scheduled daily at the barn and personal or rented items are permitted during your designated contract hours. 

Extra, Extra Items to Include in Your Event!

One of the perks of having your event in the Barn at Bay Horse Inn is the ability to personalize your event just as you'd like.  Peek inside this blog article for items available and photos.  Simply let Jennifer know which items you'd like to include so we can have it ready for your event. View Here.

Are pets allowed?

Are you interested in having your dog be included in your wedding ceremony?  Reserve an outdoor ceremony and bring your pet(s) along.  After the service make plans to run fido home, as only service animals are permitted inside the barn.  You can also arrange to bring your own horse or even rent a carriage through our Preferred Partner.