Wedding Day Essentials for Your Big Day!

Our Barn property sees many beautiful couples tie the knot, so we know how important it is to have a special wedding day. Brides and grooms often get caught up in all of the details of outfits, vendors, rentals, etc, and forget some of the small essentials they need to get ready for their ceremony and reception. With that in mind, there are some key things to keep in mind when packing your wedding-day bag. 

For the bride

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Wardrobe essentials: Since the dress is the most important piece of a bride’s outfit, she may not think about everything else. However, support and coverage are key to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day and evening. Many brides opt for a corset or shapewear to wear under the dress, but one of the most popular options is a simple strapless bra. There’s enough coverage to keep everything in place, but a smooth design so straps and edges don’t show. For an extra touch, shop bridal collections that offer beautiful accents or even a touch of something blue. 

Makeup essentials: One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind when putting together your makeup look, is tears. Happy tears are going to happen, and you want to avoid any streaming mascara or smudges when they do. Waterproof mascara is a most, along with a good concealer. Face mist is also something to consider, as it can give you a glowing, fresh look before stepping onto the aisle. 

Hair essentials: Make sure you sync up with your hair stylist in advance to discuss what products he or she is bringing and what you should have. Just to be safe, stock up on extra clips or bobby pins to help hold loose strands of hair into place. A large hair clip is also a smart option for keeping your hair out of your face as you get your makeup done. 

Extras: Every bride is going to be different in what she wants to include in her wedding bag, so think through your big day from start to finish and brainstorm what you might need. Think about everything from gifts for your bridesmaids to honeymoon packing essentials if you plan to head off right after your reception! 

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For the groom

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Wardrobe essentials: For the groom, make sure your outfit is steamed or ironed in prep for the ceremony. To finish the look, coordinate with your groomsmen to figure out accessories, such as cufflinks, tie clips or lapel pins. Lay out your entire outfit the night before, from socks and shoes to your tie and jacket, to make sure everything is ready to go. Have your groomsmen do the same for peace of mind that the entire bridal party is prepared. 

Grooming essentials: Many grooms grow a beard before their wedding, and shave the morning of for a clean, fresh look. Whether shaving everything off, or opting for a little facial hair, keep a grooming kit handy for touch ups. After-shave balm is also a good idea to calm the skin and avoid any rashes or breakouts. Make sure you try the product beforehand to ensure compatibility with your skin. 

Extras: Just as with the bride, the groom should think about his wedding day from start to finish to prepare for anything he might need. Coordinate with your bride beforehand to see if you’re giving each other gifts. If that’s the case, make sure you have one for her, as well as a plan for who will deliver it to her that morning. 

In being prepared for your wedding, you can help eliminate unnecessary stressors and focus on the most memorable moments of your big day. Wedding planning doesn’t need to be stressful and everything will fall into place as you move from start to finish. If you’re a bride or groom looking for the perfect place to say “I do,” consider the Bay Horse Inn and look through our gallery to see other weddings! 

Should you consider hiring a wedding planner?

by Alicia Wilson, of JA Alexandra Coordination and Design

Congratulations sweet bride to be!  What a wonderful road ahead of you.  Planning your wedding is certainly half of the fun.  Many of us have been planning our wedding day years before we get the diamond, so this will be a piece of cake!! You have the vision and family to help, now go plan the wedding of your dreams!

What type of bride am I?  Where will I have my reception?  Oh no, they’re booked- now what?  That doesn’t matter, my dress won’t look good there anyway.  I can’t forget to tell the florist that I changed my mind and I hate peonies today, but first I need to pay her. No, first I need to change my inspiration board.  I need to tell the venue that I changed my inspiration board.  How much was that again? My mom was in charge of that.  I’ll call her right after I call my friend Stephanie who is helping me plan the wedding and ask.  I have to wait until her baby is done napping though.  She’s just as excited to plan my wedding as I am!!  I am having so much fun!  My mother in law wants up lighting.  Where do I find up lighting?  Does the Barn even allow up lighting? RSVP’s are coming in!!  This is happening!   How will they get to the Barn?  Did I confirm the rooms at the hotel?  I bet the hotel will help me coordinate the shuttle on the wedding day.  I have the timeline memorized and Stephanie is helping.  Can Stephanie show the florist where I want the extra flowers?  Agh, Stephanie’s a bridesmaid.  She has to be with me and get ready.  My mom won’t mind.  Yes, she will make sure the DJ arrives and wait on the florist.  My cake is gorgeous!!  The photographer doesn’t have the timeline.  Can someone find the timeline?  Eek, I am getting married today.  Did I ever get a piece of cake?

Calm down sweet bride.  You’re gonna eat a piece of cake and I already gave the photographer your timeline.  I assure you of that.  It’s my job.  Continue reading.  

Photo Psychology Today Blog "Why Wedding Planning is More Stressful than it Should Be."

Photo Psychology Today Blog "Why Wedding Planning is More Stressful than it Should Be."

When booking a venue don't forget to ask...

We know how important choosing a venue is for any event. While many know the standard questions to ask such as capacity, food options, availability, etc. we wanted to point out a few items you may want to consider when choosing a venue.

  • How many events does the facility have simultaneously? Be careful if the venue serves more than one event at a time. You want to hear your band, DJ or MC and don’t want guests competing for parking, restrooms and even the coat check.
  • Do they have top of the line audio video equipment? If not, you may need to consider renting it or looking for another venue.
  • Are there plenty of photography opportunities? Avoid facilities with poor lighting or tinted lighting as well as too many mirrors, windows or stained glass that bounce lighting. Tip: You may want to select a photographer that is familiar with the venue. 
  • Does the venue have strong wifi? Guests love to share their photos, and if you are hosting a fundraiser or corporate event you’ll want your brand mentioned online as often as possible. If you are having your wedding, family reunion or any other private party you'll still want to see the various photographs your guests took as it may be weeks or months before getting your professional photographs back. Note: Be sure and hashtag your event so you can find your guests photographs online.

We want your event to be a huge success and hope these questions have helped.  For more information on Bay Horse Inn check out our FAQ section. Do you have more tips to share? We'd love to hear them.