Top Wedding Colors Summer 2017

Bay Horse Inn partnered with Linen Hero to handle all of our personal linens and they are the only linen company in our Preferred Partner list. With a HUGE selection of fabrics, textures and styles they are sure to have what you are looking for.  Also, we love the variety of choices for any budget and of course how easy they are to work with! Linens are shipped straight to the barn and our staff puts them on for you and we also remove and return after your event. How easy is that?  We asked our representative Chris Lamar, of Linen Hero, to share a few trends she is seeing with colors and style this season.  Here is her response.

Color Trends Summer 2017, by Chris Lamar

This wedding season is all about femininity, understated elegance and romance.  We are seeing the use of blush, ivory and gold with lots of greenery on the tables this summer.   Shades of blues and greens can be found paired with bright florals and are also making an appearance!  Don't let that trend sway you from your favorite colors and the vision you have for your perfect reception though.  Your wedding reception is where you can let your personality shine with all the colors of the rainbow and hundreds of texture combinations.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen for you.

During wedding season you will want to get your colors selected and reserved early to assure availability.  We all know counts will change, but reserving the exact linens you want, well in advance of your wedding, assures you a stress-free check on your to-do list for your wedding. 

Order fabric swatches so you can compare them with dresses and cake ribbons as well as feel the texture and how colors and textures can be paired to create the memories you want for yourselves and your guests.

Just in!  Lace Overlay is perfect for a barn wedding. (Image from 

Just in!  Lace Overlay is perfect for a barn wedding.
(Image from 

While our Event Specialists meets with you 6-8 weeks prior to your event please don't miss out on ordering your favorite linens. Contact Chris directly at  to ensure what you envision is available. (Note: Burlap and Lace are top choices and often not available if you wait until 8 weeks prior.)

5 Twists to Wedding Traditions

There are so many details that go into a wedding (and different family members/friends with their opinions.)  We are seeing a trend in couples customizing their wedding to reflect THEIR personality.  I'm sure a few Great Aunts and Uncles are still talking about the unbelievable tradition that was messed with. Bottom line - the wedding is about the union of two in love and joining of friends and family to support this new couple as they tackle life together.  Make it a meaningful day for you. YOU get to choose what traditions to carry over and special elements to include and honor your two and special friends and family.  

Below are a few twists on traditional elements we've seen or heard our couples talk about while planning their wedding at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn.

Maria McKenzie Photography

Maria McKenzie Photography

1.) Forego the traditional cake!

If you both aren't huge cake fans, perhaps consider an alternative. Many are opting for cupcakes, pie, fondue fountains, doughnuts, cotton candy, waffles and even pizza!  

Another change to the cake we are seeing is the variety of toppers. Sarah and Derek chose this custom made copper arrow instead of the typical bride and groom.

Photograph by Complete Indy

Photograph by Complete Indy


2.) A Modern take on the Unity Candle!

A great way to show the blending of your lives and family over the candle is a photo box frame filled with sand.  We love this alternative (especially since candles are hard to light outside).  Ashley and Spencer added this new tradition into their ceremony.  

We've also heard of having guests hold onto a small stone during the ceremony and then combining them into an arrangement afterwards. You can also search for planting a tree and even rope knoting to include. 

We love that these new traditions are then displayed in the home vs. stored in a box like most unity candles are.

Photograph by Complete Indy

Photograph by Complete Indy

3.) Something blue under the shoe!

Most of our brides include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Ashley had a hidden message for Mike.  We've also heard of bridesmaids signing the bottom of the shoes for a keepsake or even part of her wedding vows.  (I guess if she faints a cheat sheet is nearby.) 

Photograph by Complete Indy

Photograph by Complete Indy

4.) Toss the Guest Book!

Turn your guest book into a keepsake art piece!  Collect notes from your guests to display in your home.  Ashley and Mike used this vintage wood with paint markers. We've also seen frames with matt boards to sign around a favorite wedding photograph or even a globe.   You can also create an art piece and have each guest contribute to the painting. 

5.) A Sunday Brunch Wedding!

Sunday weddings are growing in popularity. Not only are the budget friendly but they can include many unique details for a memorable experience. Include a waffle bar or omelet station. Hand out Mimosa's for the traditional toast.  You'll often save money on the venue fee along with many of the other vendors.   You'll even have a greater chance of hiring your favorite photographer, DJ, band, etc. as Sundays book last. 

Final Thoughts:

Remember brides and grooms this day is about YOU TWO. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone and add even more stress. So, pick what you two want to include and stand firm. Aunt Bertha will survive without her cake, making her own waffle, or whatever else you have planned. In fact, she'll be talking about your UNIQUE twist to others. 

Off day wedding advantages

Saturdays are by far the most popular day to host a wedding, however there is an upsurge in 'off day' weddings.  Couples yearn for a unique experience for their wedding day and are willing to look into having their big event on another day of the week.

A recent blog post on Perfect Wedding Guide (read full blog here) offers a few advantages to 'off day' weddings. 

  • Think about your anniversary date. Is there a specific date with meaning to you. As you celebrate your anniversary year after year more couples are looking for a meaningful date. The date they met, their parents anniversary, the date they got engaged, etc.
  • Your favorite caterer, photographer and other vendors will very likely be more available on an off day increasing your chances of getting all of your favorites.
  • Many couples are looking to host their wedding around popular holidays to involve extended family members who would be coming in town already.

At Bay Horse Inn you'll find our rates are less each day of the week with Saturday the highest.  We are currently sold out every Saturday from May 2017 through October 2017 and Sunday and Fridays are beginning to sell out as well.   View our availability calendar for your date and call Nicole at 317-760-8778 or email to discuss your upcoming wedding. 

It's all in the details!

As our barn nears completion we've been adding some fun country chic details.  Here is a sneak peek at a few!  We hope you enjoy these latest additions to our barn and saloon.

Our mobile bar is rustic and ready for inside or outdoors.   

Our mobile bar is rustic and ready for inside or outdoors.


Our trashcans are easy to find yet blend into our decor!

Our trashcans are easy to find yet blend into our decor!

Ice cold drinks on the patio!

Ice cold drinks on the patio!

When booking a venue don't forget to ask...

We know how important choosing a venue is for any event. While many know the standard questions to ask such as capacity, food options, availability, etc. we wanted to point out a few items you may want to consider when choosing a venue.

  • How many events does the facility have simultaneously? Be careful if the venue serves more than one event at a time. You want to hear your band, DJ or MC and don’t want guests competing for parking, restrooms and even the coat check.
  • Do they have top of the line audio video equipment? If not, you may need to consider renting it or looking for another venue.
  • Are there plenty of photography opportunities? Avoid facilities with poor lighting or tinted lighting as well as too many mirrors, windows or stained glass that bounce lighting. Tip: You may want to select a photographer that is familiar with the venue. 
  • Does the venue have strong wifi? Guests love to share their photos, and if you are hosting a fundraiser or corporate event you’ll want your brand mentioned online as often as possible. If you are having your wedding, family reunion or any other private party you'll still want to see the various photographs your guests took as it may be weeks or months before getting your professional photographs back. Note: Be sure and hashtag your event so you can find your guests photographs online.

We want your event to be a huge success and hope these questions have helped.  For more information on Bay Horse Inn check out our FAQ section. Do you have more tips to share? We'd love to hear them.