Friday Weddings are Trending Big Now. Here's why...

Many couples are opting for a Friday wedding and reception over the traditional Saturday. Here are a few advantages to a Friday wedding. 

1. Savings! In addition to the venue fee many of your vendors including photographer, caterer, florist and even the wedding planner offer discounted rates for a Friday wedding. If you are looking to work within a strict budget but don't want to give up on your vision then consider a Friday evening wedding. It's estimated that you'll save 15-20%. Bay Horse Inn exceeds this average by offering over a 21% discount on our venue fee.  (For even deeper discounts look into a Sunday brunch wedding where you'll save over 35% off of your venue fee at Bay Horse Inn.) View our pricing here. 

2. Secure your favorite vendors! Saturdays book quick, so the chances of getting your favorite photographer, planner, etc. are more likely on a Friday. 

3. Short Engagement? Many weddings are planned in a year or even longer meaning your favorite vendors may be taken. If you'd like to tie the knot this year consider a Friday event.  Your chances of booking your favorite venue, photographer, florist, etc. greatly increases. 

4. Gain a day on your honeymoon!  Several all inclusive resorts and condos book with check in and out from a Saturday to a Saturday.  Take advantage of the full 7 days unlike those planning a Saturday wedding and missing the first day of their condo or honeymoon package. Also, many couples are delaying the honeymoon to increase their dream wedding budget.  If this is the case you'll have the rest of the weekend to be together before heading back to work. 

You'll need to consider your guest list as many may need to take off a half or even a full day to attend a Friday wedding. Also, check how late your venue will stay open or if you can add an hour or two the evening of your event. Bay Horse Inn is very flexible but other venues may have earlier closing time policies without flexibility. We are finding many of our Friday weddings are breaking out of tradition and structuring their evenings a bit different.  Instead of a sit down dinner many are choosing food stations and heavy appetizers for a cocktail party feel. 

If you'd like information or would like to schedule a tour contact us at or call (317) 760-8778. 

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