When booking a venue don't forget to ask...

We know how important choosing a venue is for any event. While many know the standard questions to ask such as capacity, food options, availability, etc. we wanted to point out a few items you may want to consider when choosing a venue.

  • How many events does the facility have simultaneously? Be careful if the venue serves more than one event at a time. You want to hear your band, DJ or MC and don’t want guests competing for parking, restrooms and even the coat check.
  • Do they have top of the line audio video equipment? If not, you may need to consider renting it or looking for another venue.
  • Are there plenty of photography opportunities? Avoid facilities with poor lighting or tinted lighting as well as too many mirrors, windows or stained glass that bounce lighting. Tip: You may want to select a photographer that is familiar with the venue. 
  • Does the venue have strong wifi? Guests love to share their photos, and if you are hosting a fundraiser or corporate event you’ll want your brand mentioned online as often as possible. If you are having your wedding, family reunion or any other private party you'll still want to see the various photographs your guests took as it may be weeks or months before getting your professional photographs back. Note: Be sure and hashtag your event so you can find your guests photographs online.

We want your event to be a huge success and hope these questions have helped.  For more information on Bay Horse Inn check out our FAQ section. Do you have more tips to share? We'd love to hear them.