Event Seating Updates in our Barn

We have more chairs! 
Seating up to 300 is included is in our rates. (This has been increased from 200.)  Also, the Barn now seats up to 425. Previously the barn was designed to hold 350, however we changed plans to accommodate larger events and community fundraisers.  The Saloon also seats an additional 60. 
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Our tables are 60" round that seat 8 - 10 people. While our preferred partner caterers and decorators can take care of your linens, we wanted to share the size for your center piece planning and seating charts. (Unless you are at full capacity we recommend seating 8 per table). We also wanted to share a photograph of our chairs. They are so pretty you won't need to order any chair covers. Custom farm tables are being created for additional seating including head tables. Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive.